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E.V.E™ Systems provides all the services, tools and information available on this website as the FX Tech Group operates this website. Please remember that the terms “us”, “we” and “our” used anywhere in this site are referring to E.V.E™ Systems. The users agree to all of our terms and conditions provided on our site, including the “Terms of Service,” when they visit this site or purchase E.V.E™ Systems by using our “Service.” The users also agree to be bound by the additional policies, terms and conditions available via hyperlink. The customers, browsers, merchants, vendors and content contributors are all “users” of this site. Hence, the Terms of Service apply to each one of them. It falls upon you to read the Terms of Service thoroughly before accessing this site or engaging in our Services. If you agree to all these Terms and Conditions, you can access our site to use our Service. However, you may not access or use our site if you don’t agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein. New features and/or tools (if any) added to our Services or store will also be subject to the Terms of Service. We hold the right to post changes and/or updates to this site. The Terms and Conditions will be changed, replaced or updated accordingly. The most recent version of the Terms and Conditions will be available on this page. Please make sure to check the latest version of the Terms and Conditions regularly. If you continue to access and use our site after we post changes or updates, then you accept those new changes and updates automatically.


Our products should not be used for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. You may also not violate the laws such as the copyright and other laws in your jurisdiction. No viruses, worms or codes will be transmitted by you to purposely harm or destroy the site. In case of a breach or violation of the Terms, your Services will be terminated immediately. Upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, you indicate that you are of or above the age of majority in your state. You represent that you are of legal age or an adult by agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. You also agree that you have allowed your minor dependents (if any) to use and access our site.


All the headings used in this agreement do not influence the Terms. They have been included merely for convenience. We hold the right to refuse our Services to any user at any time based on any particular reason. Your credit card information is always be encrypted before transferring it over the networks. However, most of your data or content will be transferred unencrypted. So, you accept and understand that your data or content might be transferred unencrypted over the networks. You also understand that your content will be (a) transmitted over various networks and (b) changed to adapt to the technical requirements of those networks. You may not copy, reproduce, sell, duplicate, exploit or resell our Service or any part of it. Furthermore, you will need our express written consent if you wish to do so. After getting our permission, you can reproduce or exploit our Services or contacts available on our website that provide the service.


This site provides only general information. You should not completely rely upon it and make decisions solely based on the information provided on this site. We won’t be responsible if the material available on this site is not up-to-date, accurate or complete. It is your responsibility to consult the current sources of information that are the most accurate and complete. The historical information available on this site is for reference purposes only. This information may not be current or updated. However, we have the right to modify the material of this site any time we want. Please keep in mind that we are under no obligation to update the content of this site. So, you accept that regular monitoring of changes on this site is your responsibility.


We reserve the right to terminate, suspend, change or modify the services or the prices of our products without any prior notice. You agree that we are not accountable for changes in price, suspensions, modifications or discontinuance of our Services to you.


The number of products and services available through our site exclusively may be limited. All of our products and services will be exchanged or replaced per our Return Policy. We do not guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products and services. So, you understand that some products, services, or other information might fail to meet your expectations. We also do not warrant that the issues or errors in the services or products will be corrected. We have tried our best to display the images, colours and appearance of our products accurately. Furthermore, we are not responsible if the colours displayed on your monitor screen do not match the colours of the product. We hold the right to limit the number of our products and services. We may also limit the sale or terminate any product or service to any person belonging to a particular geographic region or location. If our services are prohibited in your region, then our services and products are invalid or void for you. We have the right to change the prices or discontinue any product or service at any time.


For all online purchases, you have to provide the most recent and accurate account and other information. It falls upon you to update your contact, purchase and account information as soon as you change it. It will ensure that your transactions are processed quickly and accurately. We may limit the quantity or refuse any order you place via our site. It will be done based on the number of products purchased under the same account, credit card, and the same shipping or billing address. If it appears that the order has been placed by resellers, merchants, distributors or dealers then we reserve the right to limit or cancel the orders. You may be notified of the change or denial of order via email or phone number. Please review our Returns Policy for more details.


We may offer new features, tools, resources and services in the future. We also provide access to third-party tools and resources to you via our website. All current and new features and services will be subject to these Terms and Conditions. You understand that we do not have any control over these third-party tools. We are not responsible if you use the optional third-party tools. You accept that the access to third-party tools is “as available” and “as is.” We do not offer any warranty, support or representation of such tools. It is your responsibility to accept and agree to the terms of third-party providers that offer optional tools. The use of any third-party tools will be at your own discretion.


Several third-party links may be available on our website. By clicking on such third-party links, you will be directed to websites that contain third-party products and services. Those third-party websites are not connected or associated with us. Hence, we do not warrant the quality of the products available on third-party websites, nor do we ensure that those websites are authentic and credible. Please read the terms and policies of third party websites before purchase. Make sure that you understand all terms and approve of the terms before accessing or using the third-party site. We have no liability whatsoever for the damages or defects in the products or items purchased via third-party websites. If you have any complaints or concerns regarding the third-party materials or items, contact the third-party website.


Users can send suggestions, submissions, ideas, plans, proposals or other similar information or text via email, postal mail or by writing it in the ‘comments section of our web pages. Whether you send the information mentioned above at our request or not, we have the right to copy, edit, publish, translate, restrict or use the comments you send to us via any medium. You agree that your forwarded comments can be used by us anytime, anywhere we see fit. We are not obliged to respond to the comments or pay any compensation to you. We may edit and/or remove any comments that are offensive, obscene, unlawful, threatening, defamatory or pornographic based solely on our judgements. You also agree that the comments will not be unlawful, obscene, abusive, or contain any code, virus and malware that could harm our site in any way. You may not violate any third-party rights in your comments. The trademark, privacy, copyright, personal or proprietary rights are all included in the rights of a third party. You agree not to provide us with any wrong Email address to mislead us or pretend to be someone else in the comments. We are not accountable for your comments send via any medium. Only you hold the responsibility for the accuracy of your comments.


You can learn about how your personal information is submitted, used, transferred or processed through our Privacy Policy. Please review our Privacy Policy to know about everything regarding your personal information in detail.


At times, there can be errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information provided on our website. Any error and inaccuracy relating to product pricing, description, shipping charges, offers, promotions, availability, and transit times can be changed or updated without any prior notice. You acknowledge that we hold the right to (1) correct and update the errors, omissions or inaccuracies, (2) change the information or update it and (3) cancel orders at any time. We can make these changes and updates even after you have placed your order. Please remember that we are under no obligation to clarify, correct or update any information regarding our products and services. The only exception is when the information is required to be corrected by the law. Otherwise, we are not obliged to inform you about the updates prior to making any changes.


We hold the right to refuse or terminate our Services if you violate these prohibited uses. Along with the prohibitions mentioned throughout the Terms of Service, you are not allowed to use this site for: (1) harassing, defaming, insulting, abusing, slandering, intimidating, and discriminating on the basis of religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ethnicity, or disability; (2) participating in any unlawful purposes; (3) compelling or requesting others to perform unlawful acts; (4) submitting wrong, misleading, or false information; (5) violating the international, national, federal, state or provincial laws, rules, regulations, or ordinances; (6) transmitting viruses, malware, or malicious codes to purposely harm the operations of this site; (7) spamming, pretexting, scraping, or to crawl, spider, and farm; (8) interfering with the security features of this site, related websites or other websites on the Internet; (9) tracking or collecting the personal information of others; (10) immoral or obscene purposes; (11) infringing or violating the intellectual property rights of this site or other websites.


You accept and agree that any product or service can be suspended for unspecified periods or even cancelled without any prior notice. We do not guarantee an uninterrupted, accurate and error-free, reliable, secure, or timely service. Please remember that we offer no warranty of the accuracy, reliability, or credibility of the results you obtain from our site. All the products and services available on our website are provided ‘as available’ and ‘as in’ excluding the ones stated by us otherwise. We do not represent or warrant any conditions such as those of merchantability, durability, quantity, title, non-infringement or fitness for a specified purpose. Hence, you agree that your use of our services or any problems regarding the usage is at your own risk. The Intelligence E.V.E™ Systems our directors, employees, officers, agents, interns, contractors, affiliates, service providers, suppliers, or licensors are not responsible for any claims, losses, injuries, or damages. They are not liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential, and punitive damages of any sort or kind. These damages also include lost profits, savings, revenue, replacement costs, loss of data, or any other similar damages. Whether these damages are on the basis of a contract, negligence, liability or any other basis, that arise from the use of the products or services by you obtained via our service, or from other claims related to your use of the products and services, that also include but are not limited to, all errors, inaccuracies or omissions in any content, web page or material, or damage and loss of any sort that results from the use of the products, services or any content either transmitted, posted, or otherwise made available through our service, even if advised or recommended of their possibility, have no liability whatsoever to us. Some states, geographic regions, or jurisdictions do not allow it when the liability for consequential or incidental damages is either excluded or limited. In those states, geographic regions, or jurisdictions, our liability for consequential or incidental damages will be limited to the maximum extent that is permitted by law.


You agree that Intelligence E.V.E™ Systems along with our parent organization, affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, directors, contractors, agents, officers, licensors, subcontractors, service providers, suppliers, employees, and interns will not be subjected to any demand or claim by you. You also agree to defend and indemnify them harmless from any future demands or claims made by you or resulting due to your breach of the Terms of Service and even those made by any third party. The attorney’s fee is also included in it.


If any points or provisions of these Terms of Service are pronounced to be unlawful or unenforceable in a specific region or a state, the provisions will still be applicable in the regions or states where the law permits them. Only the unenforceable parts or portions will be allowed to be severed from the Terms of Service. All other provisions will be enforceable.


These Terms and Services are operative and effective until they are terminated by us. You can also terminate the agreement any time you wish. By stopping the use of our website or by notifying us, you can terminate these Terms of Service. We can also terminate the Terms of Services we suspect that you are not complying with the terms and provisions of these Terms of Service without any prior notice. However, you will be liable to pay the amount due until the date of termination.


Even if we fail to enforce any provision of these Terms and Services, the provision will still be effective and enforceable. The entire agreement consists of all Terms of Service, policies and other operating rules provided on this site. Our Service can only be used after a mutual understanding between you and us and by your acceptance. This agreement supersedes past agreements, proposals, communication between you and us. If you fail to understand the terms, then it is your responsibility.


Our Services, agreements and these Terms of Service are all construed under and governed by the laws of Hong Kong.


We hold the right to change, update, and replace all or a part of these Terms of Service. You are responsible for checking this website for changes and updates regularly. If you continue to use our website following the updates to these Terms of Service, it implies that you have accepted the changes. The up-to-date and most current version of the Terms of Service can be reviewed at any time on this page.


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