E.V.E Systems FAQ

  • MT4.
  • A standard Windows PC with at least 8GB RAM will do.
  • Yes.
  • You can use E.V.E. with all currency pairs, indices, metals, stocks.
    For example, if you want to trade U30 or oil, yes, it will work.
  • You can, but the question is, why? There's no need to combine E.V.E. with other systems. E.V.E. gives you everything you need to be successful.
  • It is a manual system; you need to execute your orders.
  • No, everything has been optimized. 
    No need to change anything.
  • No, you cannot back-test E.V.E.

    The danger lies in ruining your trading style and the way you approach trading. Your mistakes while back-testing and demo-trading will have no effects on your income and your trading account and, therefore, traders tend to approach trading too sloppy after extended periods of back-testing. Carelessness and undisciplined back-testing behavior will carry over into live-trading. Needless to say that your live trading performance will be quite different from what happened during your back-testing.

    We’ve all heard people claiming that they’ve tested 30 or 40 years of charts for their system. There are only a few things that are more useless and time-wasting as testing decades of historical price data. Markets are living organisms that constantly evolve and change; volatility, manifestation of price, the way it reacts to support, resistance and other tools constantly changes.

    Every day a variety of news items are being released, politicians and other officials hold speeches, companies publish financial statements and expected and unanticipated political and geopolitical events take place. These news events are often the cause of major price movements, unexpected spread developments or even the beginning of new trends. When you back-test your trading strategy, you are unable to see what has happened during that day, why prices suddenly spiked up, or took a sharp dive.

E.V.E. Systems Installation Tutorial

E.V.E. Systems Trading Tutorial

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